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Instagram - Used my @bombayhair #Tamanna

        Maryam was born in Kabul, Afghanistan and currently resides in Seattle WA. Maryam's experience in makeup started very early in her life but she started her education pursuing a field in medicine. Friends and family would tell her: " you will know what you want to become when the time comes". "HOW" she always wondered. There came a point in her life where Maryam had to make a decision between a career in Medical field or Art. She had no choice but to listen to her heart. Her mother always told her "No matter what path you take in life, as long as you dedicate yourself and work hard, you will be happy and successful."  Maryam did just that. She takes tremendous amount of joy in dolling up people on their very special day and sharing her knowledge with her students.


         What is the secret to your success Maryam?


        "Here I am following my heart. I take a great pride in the work I do, therefore my goal is to go above and beyond everyone's expectations."






    Follow the link and find out what her clients say about her.



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